Patient Testimonials in Arlington, Virginia

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    At Elite Dental, we think that what others have to say about us can oftentimes hold much more weight than anything we could think to say about ourselves. Below you'll find a selection of Elite Dental's most recent testimonials, thank you notes & well-wishes, and patient reviews.

  • A close up of Tony's handwriting.
    Thanks for the great work on my teeth. They look better than ever, and I couldn't be happier with my new smile!
  • A close up of Tiana's handwriting
    Through Dr. Dudley's vision for my improved dental health, I am happy to have my confident smile back.
  • A close up of Leslie's handwriting!
    I get so many compliments on how "naturally" beautiful my smile is.
  • A close up of Jane's handwriting
    I am really in your debt! Thank you again for doing for me what I couldn't do for myself!
  • A closeup of Jackie's handwriting
    If you are reading this and wondering if it is worth the time and money, just do it. He's worth so much more!
  • A close up of Don's handwriting.
    Facing the world with friends like at my side (you are truly thought of as friends) is a true joy! So blessed and privileged.
  • A close up of Bill's handwriting!
    Get compliments mostly from family. Strangers just say nice teeth since realistic look they don't know about improvements.
  • A close up of handwriting.
    Thanks to Dr. Dudley for all the great work done on my teeth, including the most recent new set of upper front teeth!
  • A close up of handwriting.
    Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your thoughtful advice and skilled professional abilities in creating my new smile.
  • A close up of some typing
    Over the past few months I have benefited from the specialized expertise, use of lead-edge technology, and great patient care
  • A closeup of some of Roman's letter to us
    Thank you for your dedication. It's very refreshing to see how detailed oriented you and your staff are.
  • A closeup of some of Lucy's letter to us
    One of our patients had some great things to say about a dentist we referred her to for additional work that we don't do in our...
  • A closeup of some of Cindy's letter to us
    You, Dr. Dudley and your entire office are the best medical/dental care we have found in Nova.
  • A closeup of some of Brett's letter to us
    We are grateful to be patients of your practice. Thank you! 
  • A closeup of some of Ellie's letter to us
    Staff is great! Very pleasant and eager to help. Patiently spends the time to explain concepts I do not understand - both over the phone...
  • A closeup of some of Ken's letter to us
    You're the most personal DDS I've ever met. It's clear that you love what you do and and that you're good at it.
  • A closeup of some of Mary's letter to us
    Dr. Hartman is always very sweet and encouraging. I love that she is honest and to the point but also kind.
  • A closeup of some of Seth's letter to us
    I'm not sure if anyone besides you could have repaired at all, let alone so well, so thank you for your diligence and expertise.
  • A white letter with black cursive text
    Every aspect of the procedure was explained and I was told what to expect as to sensations, etc.

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  • Five small blue stars
    When our dental insurance changed and we were no longer considered "in-network", we chose to pay out-of-pocket to continue to...
  • Five small blue stars
    His professionalism, training, attention to detail and most importantly great personality have raised the bar in what patients, like...
  • Five Blue Stars
    I now live on Columbia, MD and after looking for a dentist in my area, I felt that the drive to Arlington would be worth the trip. I...
  • Five Blue Stars
    Dr. Dudley and all of his staff were great! The facility is hands down the nicest doctor's office I have been in
  • Five Blue Stars
    Dr. Dudley and his staff are awesome!  Very friendly, professional, and great at what they do!
  • Five Blue Stars
    Dr. Dudley is the best dentist I have ever had.  His dental skills and knowledge are the best I have ever come across.
  • Five Blue Stars
    You get just so much more than an extremely competent dentist.
  • Five Blue Stars
    You did a great job of laying out my options and I became convinced that the quality of life improvements that I would realize with the...