Patient Testimonials in Arlington, Virginia

Read what our patients thought of their experience.

At Elite Dental, we think that what others have to say about us can oftentimes hold much more weight than anything we could think to say about ourselves. Below you'll find a selection of Elite Dental's most recent testimonials, thank you notes & well-wishes, and patient reviews.

  • A close up of Jane's handwriting
    I am really in your debt! Thank you again for doing for me what I couldn't do for myself!
  • A close up of Bill's handwriting!
    Get compliments mostly from family. Strangers just say nice teeth since realistic look they don't know about improvements.
  • A closeup of some of Ken's letter to us
    You're the most personal DDS I've ever met. It's clear that you love what you do and and that you're good at it.
  • A closeup of some of Mary's letter to us
    Dr. Hartman is always very sweet and encouraging. I love that she is honest and to the point but also kind.
  • A white letter with black cursive text
    Every aspect of the procedure was explained and I was told what to expect as to sensations, etc.