Whitening For Life Program in Arlington, Virginia

Have a lasting, vibrant smile with our teeth whitening program.

Elite Dental is happy to offer the Whitening for Life program. We want you to have a healthy, bright smile. This program is an exciting opportunity for you to have that at an affordable cost.

How Whitening for Life works

Providing effective, lasting whitening services in Arlington, Virginia

  • Pay a one-time fee of $600
  • Come in for a cleaning every eight months
  • Receive a free replenishment of bleach life

*If more than eight months pass between cleanings, the program terminates"

Photograph of smile with white teeth.

What if I need new trays?

Custom trays can last for years if they receive the proper care. In the event that a tray needs replacement, a $50 fee will apply for each tray.

Why not use over-the-counter products?

While our program and in-store products achieve the same goal, there are some differences to note.

Over-the-counter whitening products vs. Whitening for Life

Over the Counter

  • Less concentrated
  • Not customized to your teeth
  • Results take longer

Whitening for Life

  • Professional-grade concentration
  • Customized to your mouth
  • Effective results
  • Trusted, cost-effective method

Schedule a teeth-whitening consultation in Arlington, VA

Discover if the Whitening for Life program is right for you! Enjoy the lasting results of professional teeth whitening. Contact our office or request an appointment online to schedule your whitening consultation.