Whitening For Life Program in Arlington, Virginia

  • Have a lasting, vibrant smile with our teeth whitening program.

    We want you to have healthy and white teeth. Whitening For Life is an exciting program Elite Dental offers to all patients! If you're looking for a brighter whiter smile for the rest of your life, here's your chance! 

How the program works

Photograph of smile with white teeth.

Patients pay a one-time fee of $600 for Elite custom bleaching trays and three syringes of bleach. As long as you return at least once every eight calendar months for a dental cleaning, we will give you a syringe of bleach free for life.

Custom trays typically last for years, but there may be a need to replace them for various reasons. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for lost, damaged or replacement of custom trays (per arch) for enrolled patients. If more than 8 months pass between cleanings, the Whitening For Life Program is automatically terminated (some exceptions apply).

The goal of our Whitening For Life Program is to motivate and ensure that our patients can always have healthy and white teeth. The Whitening For Life Program is purposely tied to our hygiene recall system. This insures that you will have not only a heathy, but white smile forever!

Why not use over the counter whitening products?

All dental whitening is based around the same mechanism of action which is the whitening effect of hydrogen peroxide on enamel. Transient sensitivity and discolored gums, both from improper use, are the only negative side effects.

The only variables between all dental bleaching protocols are concentration and delivery method. Over the counter products take much longer to achieve the same result because they are less concentrated and application is not customized for each tooth. The agreed upon best and most cost effective way to whiten teeth is to use custom bleach trays.