Patient Education

There is such a wide range of clinical conditions and procedures in the dental industry. We've provided a multitude of education videos so you can become more informed. You'll feel more comfortable talking to us about your procedure knowing all the facts.

  • Progression of decay
    The process of tooth decay starts with plaque and bacteria building up on the tooth structure, creating acid.
  • Peri Implant Mucositis
    Peri-implant mucositis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of soft tissue around a dental implant. It is an early form of peri-implant disease that has not progressed to the point of tissue or bone loss at the implant site.
  • teeth with a yellow tint at the bottom
    Without regular dental cleanings, harmful bacteria and hard deposits called calculus build up on your teeth above and below your gums, releasing harmful toxins that can lead to gingivitis- inflamed and bleeding gums.