Patient Education

There is such a wide range of clinical conditions and procedures in the dental industry. We've provided a multitude of education videos so you can become more informed. You'll feel more comfortable talking to us about your procedure knowing all the facts.

  • Impacted third molars
    Typically in the late teens to early twenties, the third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, begin to come in. While it is possible for them to emerge in alignment with the existing teeth, other times there can be complications.
  • Implant supported bridge
    An implant supported bridge can be used to replace multiple missing teeth and restore the esthetics and function of your mouth. It is a single restoration that uses dental implants neighboring the space for support. It typically requires multiple appointments to complete this process.
  • a row of teeth
    When someone wants to improve their smile with straighter teeth and a more aligned bite, clear aligners can be an excellent treatment option. They can achieve proper alignment while also being minimally visible when being worn.