New Smile Roadmap

  • Learn about what it takes to get an excellent smile in Arlington, Virginia.

    Elite Dental is able to craft some of the most beautiful and functional restorations available. We ensure that all your needs and concerns are addressed by working hard to create the most ideal treatment plan for each individual patient. This guarantees phenomenal and long-lasting results.

Achieving lasting esthetic results doesn't happen by accident. Because the success of esthetic dentistry can be subjective, we have developed a protocol to meet each patient's needs and desires. Of course, not all cases necessitate all steps, but our protocol allows for the combination of proper planning, excellent skill, and quality craftsmanship that leads to lasting esthetic results.

Before and after of a woman smiling

Simulation of a patient's expected smile.

Consultation, Records, and SmileSIM(tm)

Our smile simulation software allows patients to see what they will look like long before anything happens. When viewed side-by-side, the simulation outcomes are often life-changing.

We found that although many patients desire a beautiful smile, most can't visualize how much of an impact such a transformation can have on their life. In addition, many patients tend to grossly overestimate the cost, time, and discomfort needed to achieve their goals.

Our initial consultation is designed and developed to listen to and understand patient aesthetic concerns and dislikes, and with the help of SmileSIM(tm), study models, and records, we can then show patients what they look like with a beautiful smile.

Illustration of tooth structure and proportions

The Foundation

Step 03

Cosmetic dentistry sometimes requires some sort of warm up before we can move forward. Having a strong foundation ensures our smiles last a long time and is a critical step in our process.

This groundwork can be highly variable, and may often include other specialists. We work closely with only the best cosmetic specialists. We like to think of our role as being your quarterback throughout the process.

When referrals are made, they are never for a procedure, they are made to a doctor we know can improve our patient's health better than we can. Our patients who heed our recommendations have unquestionably better experiences and significantly better outcomes.

Prep and Temp Day

This day is a very exciting day! It is the day that the smile simulations become a reality!

At this step, we prepare the teeth to receive the final restorations. The patient will wear the temporary restorations until the final restorations can be inserted (usually in 4-6 weeks time).

Photographs of some smiles

Delivery Of The Final Restoration(s)

The final product is often life changing!

All of the details have been worked out beforehand, so there are no surprises. Patients verbally "sign-off" on the final product before delivery. Upon a patient "signing off" their case is closed, and the warranty period begins (assuming conditions have been met).

Any changes or modifications moving forward are the sole responsibility of the patient. Patients are reminded that aesthetic dentistry is an art and a science, and although replication of nature is not possible, our goal is simple: To make smiles look beautiful and completely natural to the casual observer.