New Smile Roadmap

Learn about what it takes to get an excellent smile in Arlington, Virginia.

Through a detailed custom plan, we ensure all your needs and goals are addressed. By developing a treatment plan focused on you, you'll be able to enjoy a brilliant, lasting smile.

Four Steps to a New Smile

Lasting results don't happen by accident. Because the success of esthetic dentistry can be subjective, we have developed a roadmap to plan your treatment. Our approach is based on a four-step guide that can be modified to fit your case.

Before and after of a woman smiling

Simulation of a patient's expected smile.

The Consultation

Providing excellent personalized dentistry in Arlington, Virginia

This is the first step towards an enhanced smile. The consultation is an opportunity for us to learn about your goals, concerns, and preferences. It is also an opportunity to show you what is possible for your smile with SmileSIM. 

Illustration of tooth structure and proportions

The Foundation

Doctor examines a patient in the chair

Having a strong foundation ensures your smile lasts a long time. This is a critical step and may include other talented specialists. Our referrals ensure you receive the best outcome possible. When we examine the foundation, we look for:

  • Oral disease
  • Signs of decay
  • Jaw bone health


Photographs of some smiles

This step involves getting your teeth ready for the final restoration. You may get temporary restorations until the final restoration is set. This is an exciting point in your journey to your new smile -- you'll be able to see everything come together!

Final Restoration

This is the last step in getting your new smile! Through planning and perfect execution, this is a smooth step. You'll have your final restoration set and adjusted to give you a functional and natural smile. 

After this point, you'll want to:

  • Maintain regular visits
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene
  • Follow aftercare instructions

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