A beautiful smile is still possible after tobacco use!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023 - 5:32pm

Tobacco puts your oral health to risk, but your dentist in Arlington can help.


Tobacco use poses serious risks to your oral health in Arlington.

However, quitting is the first step to saving your teeth and gums. Tobacco use creates serious risks for a person's oral health. While stained teeth are the telltale signs of long-term tobacco use, the risks of oral cancer and gum disease are actually far more serious. While building back oral health following tobacco use can feel intimidating, the right team can help you manage and reverse signs of tobacco damage. Elite Dental in Arlington is the best place to start if you want honest answers about the effects of tobacco, benefits of quitting, and steps you can take to get your oral health going in the right direction. Our expert care is here to help you protect your oral health.

How Bad Is Tobacco for Your Teeth and Gums?

Long-term tobacco use severely impacts oral health. The first troubling sign of extended tobacco use is staining of the teeth. While you may first notice that your teeth look dull compared to how they looked when you were younger, teeth may soon take on a yellow or gray appearance. Many people also notice that it's impossible to keep their breath fresh while using tobacco products. Your breath may still not become fresh following brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use. In many cases, tobacco users rely excessively on sugary gums and mints to neutralize their bad breath. This can actually exacerbate plaque and decay issues because sugars cling to teeth.

Most people are motivated to quit using tobacco based solely on the yellowing and bad breath they experience. However, these are actually the "best-case" symptoms of tobacco use. The far more serious repercussions of extended tobacco use include oral cancers and gum disease. In fact, tobacco use is the top cause of oral cancer today.

You may simply find that gums are often sensitive and prone to bleeding. While you may not link this newly developed sensitivity to tobacco use at first, the truth is that tobacco weakens gum tissue to the point of becoming far more vulnerable to infections. The bottom line is that early detection is important when it comes to tobacco-related issues affecting your oral health. The best method for early detection is a plan that includes routine dental examinations.

We also want to remind patients that using tobacco can slow the mouth's ability to heal following dental procedures. While there's no need to put off important procedures until after you've quit tobacco, this information can serve as motivation to quit much sooner. The truth is that being a tobacco user makes any procedure and recovery period riskier for both the patient and their dentist in Arlington. Our

office is here to provide you with every resource possible to create a smooth recovery!

The Benefits of Stopping Tobacco Use

When you make the decision to quit tobacco, you're drastically decreasing your odds of developing gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and oral cancer. You'll also be in a better position to heal if you need any type of restorative dental procedure that can include everything from a dental filling to a crown.

Did you know that tobacco actually dulls your senses to the point that your taste and smell are greatly diminished? That's why it can feel like you're suddenly tasting and smelling everything for the first time after you finally quit! Of course, many patients share with us that the best part about walking away from tobacco use is experiencing the confidence that comes from having fresher breath and a brighter smile! Many people also find that quitting tobacco leaves them feeling more motivated to keep up with good dental hygiene practices. When you schedule cleanings with your dentist in Arlington, you'll be taking the most important step in preventing cavities and decay.

Support for Walking Away From Tobacco

At Elite Dental, you'll find allies to help you in your decision to walk away from tobacco out of concern for your oral health. As you focus on taking the right steps to quit, we'll be hard at work closely monitoring your oral health to look for signs of serious decay, gum disease, or oral cancers. We're very clear about the fact that you don't have to quit tobacco usage before you can take advantage of our premier dental services. We're prepared to meet you exactly where you are in your oral health journey.

If one of our highly trained dentists does discover red flags pointing to a serious oral issue, we'll work with you on choosing the next step. We offer custom treatments that include planing and scaling here at our office. Of course, we'll be more than happy to help you with a referral if we believe that you'd benefit from seeing a specialist capable of properly diagnosing or fixing the issue. Using routine cleanings and examinations, you can stay ahead of the red flags that people who use tobacco products need to know about.

While not every tobacco user will experience serious disease stemming from their tobacco usage, almost everyone who uses tobacco consistently will experience staining. Our office can guide you on choosing the right tooth-whitening system to restore your smile's luster. In addition, our expert cleanings can help to remove plaque and tartar buildup to protect teeth and gums from disease and decay.

At Elite Dental, we're answering your desire for compassionate, competent dental care from a team of trusted professionals. While we always encourage patients to quit tobacco products, we never want your tobacco use to be an impediment to care. Rest assured that we're here to offer you high-quality care for preserving your oral health regardless of your current tobacco usage. We encourage you to book a visit with a dentist in Arlington today!