Elite Warranty Program

Protect your dental work from accidental damage.

Successful cosmetic and general dentistry lies in the design, craftsmanship, materials, and maintenance over time. We offer a five year, "no questions asked" warranty. 

Maintaining your warranty

While the design, craftsmanship, and materials are our responsibility, preserving your work depends on your care. Follow these simple at-home steps to keep the warranty active.

A small grey mouthguard

Wear a night guard

A night guard must be worn every night. Not wearing it voids the warranty. During maintenance appointments, night guards will be inspected to ensure your smile's protection.

A modern looking grey clock

8-Month Appointments

You must come in every eight months for maintenance and cleanings. Exceeding this time frame voids the warranty.

A grey ruler for measuring teeth

Practice excellent hygiene

A periodontal probing with depths exceeding 4mm or bleeding gums are signs of poor oral hygiene. If this occurs, the warranty is void.

A line drawing of a tooth

Protect your smile

Avoid unusual or excessive trauma, usage, or damage. Should this occur, the warranty will void.