Elite Warranty Program

  • The success of cosmetic and general dentistry lies in the design, craftsmanship, materials, and maintenance over time. We warranty our work for 5 years with a 'no questions asked' full warranty, as long as the following criteria are met.

While the design, craftsmanship, and materials are our responsibility, maintenance and care falls largely on the patient.

  • A small grey mouthguardPatient wears a hard night guard for sleeping at all times. Failure to wear a hard night guard voids warranty. Appliances will be inspected at maintenance appointments.
  • A modern looking grey clockPatient is seen regularly for professional maintenance cleanings and examinationevery eight months. (Exceeding 8 months voids warranty.)
  • A grey ruler for measuring teethPatient does not have probing depths that exceed 4mm or have bleeding upon periodontal probing. This condition of gingivitis is the result of inadequate hygiene and voids warranty.
  • A line drawing of a toothPatient does not have a history of unusual or excessive trauma, usage, or damage.