Understanding Your Dental Benefits in Arlington, VA

We're here to help you get the most out of your benefits.

Dental benefits are designed to reduce the cost of dental care. They aren't designed to cover the entirety of treatment, as insurance companies view dental care as a luxury rather than a necessity.

How dental insurance companies work

In-network refers to the legal relationship between the dental care provider and dental insurance company. An in-network practice dental is bound to the fees the set by the insurance company. This means that the insurance company dictates what their policy-holders are charged. They also control things like:

  • Out-of-pocket cost
  • Covered procedures
  • Additional fees

With regard to participating insurance companies, our office has no control over what we can or do charge. 

Two facts about dental insurance

It is very easy for treatment to exceed the maximum allowable benefit allowed by your insurance company. In these situations, it's important to remind yourself:

  • There is still benefit to using the insurance company's reduced fees. They're a 30-50% discount from our normal fees.
  • Not completing treatment because it exceeds your benefit can cause more harm than good. 

Evidence-based dentistry

The way we practice dentistry is not dictated by insurance. Our only goal is to give you the best possible care. You deserve to know about every viable treatment option. We'll explain the risks and benefits, so you can make an educated decision about your oral health.

Our team is here to help

Your priorities and budget are unique. Our treatment coordinators will help you plan for your care, so you can move forward confidently. You'll receive a treatment plan complete with costs, any referrals, and a rough timeline.

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