Financing & Dental Insurance in Arlington, Virginia

  • Experience excellent dentistry, without breaking the bank.

    The misconception, purported by dental insurance companies, that patients must see an “in-network” dentist, in order to use their dental benefits, is the single largest travesty in the dental profession. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most dental benefits pay more per procedure for Out-Of-Network providers than they do for In-Network providers.

Elite Dental saves our patients money by providing premium long lasting care, phasing treatment, and going above and beyond to get our patients their deserved benefits!"

Insurance companies make money based on the number of patients that are in their network. The more patients, the more they make. The big losers are patients, made to feel as if they must see In-Network providers, they often sacrifice quality. For excellent care, patients should pick a provider based on their skill, training and reputation, not their network status. At Elite Dental, our patients save money because our results last. By phasing treatment, ensuring that patient coding and narratives are correct, submitting proper paperwork, supplemental x-rays, and photographs, and maximizing FSA funds - our patients get premium dentistry and service without premium costs. We will work hard for your dental benefits.


Elite Dental Accepts All Dental PPO Insurances!

We will also gladly accept out of network benefits from any other insurance company and as a courtesy we will file your insurance claims on your behalf. We also accept payments with your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). We can help you with the details! When you call our office to schedule an appointment, we will ask you about your insurance benefits. We take the responsibility of submitting all the necessary paperwork, on your behalf. This guarantees that you will be properly reimbursed for your treatments.

Affordable Dental Care

At Elite Dental, we understand individuals and families have many other financial responsibilities. A core belief of ours is if a patient wants a beautiful smile, they can afford to have one. Proudly, we offer three in-house financial options, one for every budget:

  • Receive 10% off when payment is made upfront (*) and complimentary night guard
  • Spread payments equally over treatment time and receive a complimentary night guard
  • After 50% deposit, payments are split over 10 months with 10% interest. (*)
  • (*) some restrictions apply.

The financial ability to get a new smile

For the majority of our patients who use Out-Of-Network dental benefits, we will maximize your insurance benefits by submitting claims on your behalf with proper coding and narratives and have reimbursements sent directly to your home. Payment is due at the time of service.

For our patients who have In-Network benefits, we will collect the estimated patient portion due at the time of service. Since patient portions are only estimates, a bill will be sent following insurance payment for any balance that may result.