Elite Dental Philosophy in Arlington, VA

Delivering skilled dentistry that aligns with your values.

Our belief is that great dentistry treats people, rather than only their teeth, gums, or mouths. At Elite Dental, we perform dentistry that focuses on your overall health, as well as your oral health. 

Our show, tell and recommend method

We advocate for your health through a "show, tell, and recommend" method. This ensures your care suits your needs and goals. We use the "show, tell, recommend" method to personalize your treatment, and deliver the best results possible. 


We take photos of all our new patients' teeth, gums, and smiles. We pride ourselves on taking pictures during and after procedures to help our patients better understand the prior condition of their teeth and gums, and the quality of our work afterward.


We explain what's going on, and what our assessment findings mean. This is also where we discuss your dental goals and needs. Our goal is to help you understand the state of your dental health.


Discover the possibilities available to get an enhanced smile. With SmileSIM, we can help you envision the outcomes of different treatments. Giving you the confidence to take control of your smile.

Providing exceptional, personalized dentistry in Arlington, Virginia.


You can see your smile as it is, and compare it to having a near perfect smile with SmileSIM. This visual understanding helps patients prevent future problems, fix existing problems that are either known or unknown and qualify the precision and pride we take in our craftsmanship.

Lasting results are no accidents

A great smile represents proper planning and excellent skill. We place a lot of importance on developing a plan that works for you. In doing so, we eliminate mistakes and surprises along the way. It ensures that you leave with a smile that is healthy and confident.

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