An Elite Philosophy

  • We provide skilled dentistry that aligns with our patients' values.

    Our patients strive for the highest possible quality of care and an uncompromising aesthetic outcome. We do not believe in treating "teeth" or "gums" or "mouths". We believe in treating people!

We are your biggest advocate for your oral and overall health. This can only be accomplished if we understand every individual’s needs, wants, desires, and as importantly, where each individual has come from and where they hope to go.

Show, tell, and recommend is at the core of our chair-side philosophy. Lasting esthetic results are not accidents! They represent proper planning, excellent skill, and quality craftsmanship.

Many of our patients come to us having suffered from major dental problems, a long history of poor quality dentistry, or an unsatisfied smile. Our outcome based dental philosophy is made evident in each beautiful smile we create and help maintain. By combining the art of dental aesthetics with proven science and technology, every patient can be assured a personalized treatment plan to fulfill their goals.

We take photos of all our new patients’ teeth, gums, and smiles. We pride ourselves on taking pictures during and after procedures to help our patients better understand the prior condition of their teeth and gums, and the quality of our work afterward. Patients can see their smile as it is, and compare it to having a beautiful, near perfect smile through SmileSIM photo simulations. This visual understanding helps patients prevent future problems, fix existing problems that are either known or unknown, and qualify the precision and pride we take in our craftsmanship. 

Over the years, our show, tell, and recommend philosophy has earned the trust of all our patients, and has empowered them to make informed decisions consistent with their dental priorities and values, not ours.