Sterilization Technique Arlington, VA

Advanced and thorough sterilization techniques at Elite Dental.

We commit ourselves to a high standard of cleanliness. By practicing rigorous sterilization techniques, we mitigate the spread of germs.

Keeping a clean office

We all share responsibility in maintaining a sanitary office. After every appointment, we disinfect our hands and follow strict personal hygiene guidelines. 

We wear gloves at all times and are changed after every appointment or when we leave the room. Masks are also a necessity and we use them to protect against airborne contaminants.

How are tools and instruments sanitized?

All dental equipment is sterilized after the appointment and packaged to remain sterile. Our sterilizer is checked once a week to ensure its accuracy and efficacy. Any disposable instruments or products are discarded after the appointment.

Creating a clean, sanitary dental experience in Arlington, Virginia.

Sanitary barriers

Barriers are physical coverings that prevent the patient from coming into contact with any portion of the dental equipment. An example of a barrier is the plastic sheaths you will see over equipment that touched the patient.

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