State-of-the-art Sterilization in Arlington, Virginia

  • Advanced and thorough sterilization techniques at Elite Dental.

    Sterilization is an important part of any health care office. Our office continues to stay well informed on the latest changes in sterilization techniques so you can be confident in the cleanliness of your visit. 

Our team makes sure to protect against the spread of disease or infection by rigorous internal standards in the office to disinfect their hands between each patient and follow strict guidelines of personal hygiene.

Disposable gloves are worn at all times when working on the patient and are changed anytime the team member leaves the room or changes patients. Masks are worn at all times as well to protect against airborne contaminants. Most of the products used in the office go through an independent sterilization procedure during the packaging. Once in the office, steps are taken to ensure these products remain sterile until used.

All dental equipment used in the mouth is sterilized after the appointment and packaged to remain sterile. Our sterilizer is checked once a week by sending in a spore test to an independent company to ensure its accuracy and efficacy. Any disposable instruments or products are discarded after the appointment.

If an item is not disposable, such as a piece of dental equipment, a barrier is created. Barriers are physical coverings that prevent the patient from coming into contact with any portion of the dental equipment. An example of these barriers is the plastic sheaths you will see over any dental equipment that actually touched the patient. These are replaced after every patient.