Sedation Dentist in Arlington, Virginia

Maximize your comfort during your procedure with Elite Dental's advanced sedation methods.

We are experts in making sure your visit is comfortable. Whether you have a fear of the dentist or want to have a larger procedure done, sedation dentistry can help. 

How it works

You will take the sedative an hour before your procedure. You'll feel sleepy, but still coherent enough to talk. More medication can be used during the procedure to maintain sedation levels. It is sometimes referred to as "sleep dentistry", because of the relaxed state you can achieve. 

Benefits of sedation

  • Overcome dental anxiety
  • Accomplish larger procedures
  • Feel less sore
  • Reduced gag reflex

Is sedation dentistry safe?

With our state-of-the-art tools and a team of skilled professionals, you can have a safe visit. We monitor you during the procedure to make sure you maintain optimal sedation. We'll also take the time to explain the sedation process before it happens, so you can be confident going into your procedure.

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Discover how you can overcome dental phobia. Our sedation methods allow you to get the care you need and feel refreshed after. Schedule your visit by contacting our office or requesting an appointment online!