Sedation Dentist in Arlington, Virginia

  • Maximize your comfort during your procedure with Elite Dental's advanced sedation methods.

    Is fear or anxiety stopping you from seeing the dentist? Don't let that stop you from improving your dental health. Elite Dental's oral sedation dentistry will change the way you look at the dental visits required to maintain your smile.

Put old fears about dental work to rest. Times have changed and oral sedation dentistry is helping to facilitate the change.

Taken an hour before your procedure, the pill combined with additional medication during the procedure allows you to relax throughout your procedure. You'll hardly know you are having work done. Sedations levels can be maintained for long periods allowing comfort for even the most labor-intensive dental problems.

You can "get it all done at once" without even knowing work is being done on you. Come out of the procedure awake with a revitalized smile in one or two visits.

Walk out of our office feeling less sore and relieved that it's over and done. Don't let busy schedules hold you back from fixing that chipped tooth, whitening yellowed teeth, replacing old crowns…the sky is the limit.