Comfort and Technology in Arlington, VA

Experience a unique dental visit with unmatched comfort and skill.

We strive to provide a clean, relaxing, and pain-free visit. We combine the comforts of a spa with the expertise of the area's top dental professionals. The result is a dental visit that emphasizes comfort and exceptional results.

The waiting room

When you check in to your appointment, our staff will give you a warm welcome. You'll be able to relax in our waiting room while your doctor comes to get you.

The dental suite

You'll enjoy our roomy dental suites and large, comfortable chairs. You have the option to listen to music or watch cable television. We're one of the only offices in the D.C. area to offer entertainment while you get an enhanced smile.

In the chair

Relax knowing that your oral health is in great hands. Between exceptional skill and advanced technology, we can ensure your smile is fresh and brilliant. Thanks to our Isolight device, you don't have to deal with bright lights, a tiring jaw, or gagging.

Providing dentistry with advanced comfort and technology in Arlington, Virginia.

Detailed care

Our magnification technology allows us to catch dental risks before they have a chance to compromise your oral health. We use powerful microscopes, called 4.9 Loops, to uncover early signs of disease and provide precise results.

After your appointment 

When you're finished, we don't rush you out the door. Treat yourself to a warm towel and refreshments in our waiting room. We want you to feel your best when you resume your day.

Leave feeling refreshed

Comfortable dentistry doesn't end when your appointment is over. We're committed to helping you get back to your day with confidence. We offer Oraverse to reverse local anesthetic. It dissolves the numbing sensation in half the time it takes to normally wear off. 

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