Comfort & Technology in Arlington, Virginia

  • Experience a unique visit, with unmatched comfort and skill.

    When you visit Elite Dental, you'll find a clean, comfortable, and pain-free environment. Our new facility was built from the ground up with the latest state of the art technologies and equipment and was designed to provide you with an elite level of comfort. Combine this comfort with our uncompromising level of service and expertise, and you have the Elite Experience. 

In The Chair

In each large, comfortable room at Elite Dental there is a large, comfortable chair. While you are having your smiles enhanced, you can either listen to the music of your choice or watch cable tv. We are one of the only offices in the DC area to make this available.

Fully Relaxed

We are also one of the very few dentists in the area to use Isolight™. Isolight™ is an amazing system that relaxes the jaw, prevents muscle and joint fatigue, and prevents gagging and water accumulation in the throat. With Isolight™, water is continuously removed from the mouth during treatment, while simultaneously providing the light needed for us to clearly see what we are working on. This system rids the need for bright lights shining in your eyes while you're relaxing during treatment.

Fully Confident

We use 4.9x Loops, these are those funny microscopes mounted on glasses that allow us to see better. We use the most powerful loops available on the market so we can literally "see" pathologic conditions that otherwise may more easily be missed.

With years of experience, our loops now compliment our hand-eye coordination, and allow for better preparations with any work that requires a high level of exactness. Because much of what we do is often located in a very small, dark places, and measured in fractions of millimeters these microscopes allow us to execute at the highest possible level to deliver the best outcomes imaginable.

Wind Down Before You Leave

When you are finished with your procedure, treat yourself to a hot wet towel, rehydrate with some cold water, and enjoy some tea and coffee in our waiting room. We won't ever hustle you out the door until you're comfortable and ready to face the world.

Leave With Feeling

We provide all our patients the option to use Oraverse® to reverse the effects of local anesthetic. With Oraverse® numbness dissapates in half the time. You'll leave the office confident in your speech, smile, and your ability to eat and drink. At Elite Dental, you're now able to schedule that important event or business meeting shortly after your dental appointment without ever having to worry about the lasting effects of anesthetic.