Introducing SmileSIM™

Our smile simulation software allows patients to see what they will look like long before anything happens. When viewed side-by-side, the simulation outcomes are often life changing.

We found that although many patients desire a beautiful smile, most can't visualize how much of an impact such a transformation can have on their life. In addition, many patients tend to grossly over estimate the cost, time, and discomfort needed to achieve their goals

Planning for Success

A woman smiling showing her teeth before a proceedure


A woman smiling showing her teeth as they might look like after a proceedure


A woman smiling showing her teeth after a proceedure


Many patients desire a beautiful smile, but cannot visualize how impactful such a transformation can have on their life.

SmileSIM™ allows our patients to see what they will look with a new beautiful smile. Lasting aesthetic results are not accidents! They represent proper planning, excellent skill and quality craftsmanship.

We Accept All Dental PPO Insurances!

Most dental benefits pay more per procedure for Out-Of-Network providers than they do for In-Network providers.

Elite Dental saves our patients money by providing premium long lasting care, phasing treatment and going above and beyond to get our patients their deserved benefits!

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The misconception, purported by dental insurance companies, that patients must see an "in-network" dentist, in order to use their dental benefits, is the single largest travesty in the dental profession.

Engineering Exceptional Smiles

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy pride in the appearance of their smile.

Cosmetic dentistry cannot be perfect by the very fact that nature cannot be perfectly replicated. To be Engineers of Exceptional Smiles, it is our goal to come as close as possible to replicating nature when restoring our patients' smiles.

an illustration of the top row of teeth

We design smiles specifically to replicate the aesthetics and function of natural teeth and gums. A beautiful smile is not only attractive, but it builds confidence.

This can only be accomplished by working out each detail beforehand to including the most advanced techniques and materials available. To be successful in restoring function and natural aesthetics, there can be no surprises.

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Dr. Dudley shows relaxed patients what is happening with their smiles

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