Planning for Success

A woman smiling showing her teeth before a proceedure


A woman smiling showing her teeth as they might look like after a proceedure


A woman smiling showing her teeth after a proceedure


We are able to achieve lasting esthetic results because we've developed a "road map" to plan for dental success. Our plan is based on the following four steps:

  • Initial consultation
  • Foundation
  • Preparing for the restoration
  • Delivery of the final restoration

We Accept All Dental PPO Insurances!

Most dental benefits pay more per procedure for out-of-network providers than they do for in-network providers. We strive to make quality dentistry accessible through things like:

  • Long-lasting care
  • Phasing treatment
  • Maximizing benefits

Find out more about how you can get the dentistry you can afford and deserve.

Our goal is to enable anyone that wants a healthy smile the ability to have one. 

Engineering Exceptional Smiles

Discover what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile!

Our cosmetic dental service aims to restore the look and function of a natural smile. We can accomplish life-changing results through the following:

an illustration of the top row of teeth
  • Planning for success
  • Advanced technology and materials
  • Expert technique

Everyone deserves to have a confident smile! Discover how we can help restore confidence in yours by learning about our cosmetic services.

New Exceptional Smiles

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Dr. Dudley shows relaxed patients what is happening with their smiles

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